The naming of Raven’s Pursuit is based upon the convergence of two mythologies of the raven. In northwestern native American tribes, the raven is revered as a hero and as a benevolent and transforming figure that helps people and shapes their world for them1. In Greek mythology, the raven is viewed as a symbol of good luck and as God’s messenger in the mortal world2. There are other powerful associations to the raven, but it is these two that we choose to inform the establishment of the raven as the symbol for this organization.


As ravens soar through the air, their black feathers catch the sunlight and iridesce to hint at shades of blue, purple, and green.  In doing so, the seemingly monochromatic black birds transform into divine creatures of brilliant colors, complexity, and majesty. There is more than at first meets the eye.


The call of the raven is deliberate, varied, and communicating.  It is not territorial and yet it is clear, persistent, and informing.


The convergence of the raven mythology with the complex attributes of the raven is intended to demonstrate the intersection of the abiding mission of this organization as a supportive, adaptive, and agile institution seeking to do good works with the intended participants in these works – the youth who are equally complex, requiring a closer eye and a discerning ear to achieve a deeper understanding.



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