The Work



Hope Academy

  • The partnership launched in 2017

  • The program has served more than 200 students since its inception

  • Raven's Pursuit fully funded the Functional Fitness program 2017-2020.

  • Read more about Hope Academy here. The need in this school is clear.

  • For more detail on the strength of this program, check out the newsletter, The Raven's Call, vol. 3, issue 1, from March 2020 here.

The Plan

Functional Fitness Curriculum

  • Raven's Pursuit developed a Functional Fitness curriculum that aligns NC Department of Public Instruction Physical Education Standards with CrossFit functional movements

  • The Raven's Pursuit Functional Fitness curriculum includes movement standards for grades 3-8. 

  • Grades K-2 standards and movements curricula are in progress

  • NCDPI certified Physical Education instructors and curriculum specialists collaborated to develop the curriculum

  • Instruction is provided by a certified coach


The Funding

2018 Rowathon.jpg

Rowathons and Amazing Races

  • More than 94% of funds donated are spent directly on student programs.

  • Funding is largely due to the support of longtime individual donors

  • Most years, a Rowathon or other fundraising event provides additional support through participant donations and event sponsorships

  • Take a look at the footer of this page for corporate sponsors!

The Research

Key Research Publications

  • "Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility through Physical Activity". Don Hellison. 2010.

  • "Enhancing the Transfer of Life Skills from Sport-based Youth Development Programs to School, Family, and Community Settings".  J. Jacobs and V. Ivy et al. Journal of Amateur Sport. 2017.

  • Additionally, take a look at our newsletters, The Raven's Call (here), and keep an eye on social media, where new and relevant journal articles are shared!