The raven soar through the air.  Their black feathers catch the sunlight and glisten with shades of blue.  In that instant, the seemingly the dull black birds transform into divine creatures that demand more thought and consideration.  The ravens’ calls are deliberate.  Listen closely to their message as it is a call of engagement and inspiration.


Greek mythology and Native American culture refer to the raven as a symbol of strength, luck, and a messenger of transformation.  Raven’s Pursuit is founded on the idea that we can be a strong force to make change. 


Our journey with Raven’s Pursuit is taking flight.  We look forward to building relationships within the Triad community and connecting with our youth through functional fitness.  Through instruction and engagement, we believe that functional fitness will be the platform to build values of community membership, self-confidence, and the attribute of perseverance and goal attainment.


Our team is ready to answer the call of the raven to be a catalyst of positive change.  You will see us in action.  You will hear our excitement.  And we will all celebrate the victories that move our youth to a place of strength and community.


We hope you will join us on this journey and support the mission of Raven’s Pursuit!



Ande Hewitt