Transforming Triad Youth through functional fitness into confident, well-equipped community members 


"None of us have had control over our birth circumstances. And that's something that we need to be aware of. A perspective we need to operate from to motivate us toward outreach. For those of us who have had better access and more opportunities, it is up to us to level the playing field."

-Pam Kontogiorgos

Founder and Board Chair


Raven's Pursuit organizes outreach programs that provide transformative experiences for Triad youth. We believe inspiring youth through functional fitness teaches the value of community, builds confident individuals, and equips them with transferable skills.

Established 2017


Raven's Pursuit directs nearly every penny it receives towards funding fitness activities for Triad youth. The primary recipient of current funding is the Hope Academy functional fitness program, Empower Hope. Raven's Pursuit is the sole financial supporter for this fitness program that provides fitness instruction for 60 middle school students in one of the most at-risk neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC.