Pam Kontogiorgos, Board Chair

Pam has a degree on Exercise Science and has worked for years as a personal trainer, a manager at a fitness facility, and then briefly left the fitness world for corporate America. Her heart has always been in fitness. Now with the opportunity to open the doors of College Hill CrossFit, she has returned to her true passion. The CrossFit fitness program proved itself to Pam through her own experience to be the most effective strength and fitness program that she has experienced. Pam’s leadership at College Hill CrossFit is relentless, attentive, and intense. If your desire is to transform your body, to maximize your fitness, and to recreate your world into one of strength, capability, power, and health in a supportive environment permeated with a culture of possibilities and accomplishment, you should contact her. Pam’s passion is communicated through all that happens at College Hill CrossFit - in the excellence of the programming, the quality of her coaching staff, in the work ethic of her membership, in the attention to detail, and in the very energy of the College Hill CrossFit community.