Greensboro, NC- March 27, 2017

A local, progressive CrossFit affiliate, College Hill CrossFit, is pleased to announce the launch of its nonprofit offshoot, Raven’s Pursuit, to bring transformative experiences Triad youth.

Raven’s Pursuit is a nonprofit organization (applying for 501(c)(3) status) that has as its mission the development of Triad youth through functional fitness.

College Hill CrossFit has a well-established history of philanthropic activities in its short five-year existence. From food drives and fundraisers to holiday “giving trees” in support of local students, the CHC community has consistently sought out ways to step in to offer support where needs have been identified.

Fueled by the guiding principle of doing good wherever it is needed, CHC has now established a conduit for just such activities. The primary focus of the works of Raven’s Pursuit will be the instruction of and engagement with the youth of the Triad using functional fitness as a mechanism to model the values of community membership and self-confidence, and the attributes of perseverance and goal attainment.

“The establishment of a nonprofit organization will streamline the flow of capital into the works of Raven’s Pursuit and will provide tax savings for its generous contributors”, stated Raven’s Pursuit Board Chair Pam Kontogiorgos.

While Raven’s Pursuit originated as a conduit for the generosity of the College Hill CrossFit community, it now eagerly invites all donors with values aligned with fitness, youth education, and community outreach to support its causes by contributing tax deductible donations.

Raven’s Pursuit, where generosity gives flight to opportunity!